Third Culture Theatricals Performs This Saturday!

Third Culture Theatricals presents the second edition of Company Call. This production stars professional singers bringing Songs from the Screen. Under musical direction by the acclaimed Rony Fortich, the night will feature everything from a James Bond medley to the soundtrack of everyone’s favourite animated movies.

After the success of the Christmas-themed first edition in December, Third Culture Theatricals has decided to stage Company Call on a regular basis. “We hope to organise several editions throughout the year; each one with a different theme,” says Artistic Director Rallion Alonso. “We’re proud to have amazing singers like Felix Rivera, Kristine Diaz, Sandra Waters, and Roy Rolloda work with us on these productions,” says Manager Joms Ortega. These musicians have all individually built an amazing reputation in the local scene, and we can’t wait to see them on stage together.

Company Call: Songs from the Screen
Doors open 7:10pm
Saturday 1 April, 2017
Orange Peel, 38-44 D’Aguilar St, Hong Kong

Tickets: 250$ (incl. 1 drink) via Pelago
For more information, please contact

Cast and Crew of Company Call: Songs From The Screen
Cast and Crew of Company Call: Songs From The Screen


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