‘Third Culture Film Festival’ Encore Screenings Announced!

Third Culture Film Festival x Hushup Encore Screenings

TCFF has partnered with Hushup events and will be screening some of the 2016 Official Selection together with some 80s cult classics.

From 2nd Oct to 4th Dec, enjoy the luxurious setting of Shore Steak Lounge Terrace. Nestled in amongst the city skyline this is a Hushup favourite, which will not disappoint.

Ticket: $200 per Admission. Free Peroni with food order (T&C apply).

For more information go to the Hushup website

This Season’s Schedule

2/10    Labyrinth / Sick to my Bones (TCFF)
9/10   Cry Baby / Zeitnot (TCFF)
16/10 Sabrina / If They Had Eyes (TCFF)
23/10 American Werewolf in London / In a Forest (TCFF)/ Wolf (TCFF)
30/10 Ghostbusters / The Fisherman (TCFF)
6/11   Beetlejuice / Unhappy Happy (TCFF)/ Extreme Pinocchio (TCFF)
13/11 Grease 2 / Doctor Pafke (TCFF)/ Zeitnot (TCFF)
4/12   Home Alone / The Chicken (TCFF)

Third Culture Film Festival x Hushup Encore Screenings



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