East Meets West

An Introduction to Collecting European Art for the Filipino Home

Wednesday 21st June 2017
2PM – 4PM
Casa de Memoria, Manila, Philippines.

Art voyages across time and distance in “Age of Exploration” auction

The golden age of trade between Europe and the orient saw more than just an exchange of goods. It was also an exchange of culture, primarily through the exchange of pieces like oil paintings, Chinese porcelain, and religious sculptures. Art crossed continents aboard trade ships, giving people a slice of life from faraway lands.

Centuries after the original expeditions, Casa De Memoria—the country’s premier auction house for international fine and decorative art—is emulating the feat in the Philippines. Its seventh auction happening on the 1st of July is dubbed as The Age of Exploration. It features lots that carry the pioneering spirit of a time when East met West through trade.

“As a temporary home for international art, Casa De Memoria is taking these pieces on a voyage across continents by finding them new owners in the Philippines,” says Angelique Lhuillier, Director of Casa De Memoria. “Some pieces have taken generations to get here, passing from one collector to another,” she adds.

Curated by renowned Art Consultant Miguel Rosales, the auction will include paintings, furniture, Chinese porcelain, ivory sculptures, and other trinkets that carry a mix of European and Oriental heritage.

A pair of 19th century Chinese armchairs feature mother-of-pearl inlays, as well as marble seats and backs. The furniture is abundantly-filled with elaborate inlaid work, representing motifs of flowers, foliage, fruits, Chinese shou, birds, and other animal figures.

This oil on canvas Orientalist painting of an African warrior is the work of the celebrated French artist Émile Henri Bernard. Dated between the late 19th and early 20th century, this signed artwork is a rare deviation from his usual post-impressionist works.

This late 18th century Portuguese Azulejo tilework in Baroque style is comprised of 28 blue-and-white tiles typified as “azulejos pombalinos.”It shows a landscape scene with two Portuguese male figures and pair of dogs occupying the fore, against a backdrop of a community that’s presented in a lighter shade. The illustration, moreover, is framed by exuberant details of acanthus leaves. This set of tiles is an ideal wall decor to one’s home, be it in the patio, dining room, kitchen, or foyer.

This mid-18th century French Secrétaire à abattant (or Fall-front Desk) is a beautiful mix of chinoiserie taste and Rococo style of Louis XV. Constructed out of rosewood, the furniture piece celebrates Chinese lacquer in warm, sultry tones; and is filled with Oriental themes that feature Chinese figures on landscape of rivers, hills, trees, and soaring cranes.

Lots for The Age of Exploration can be viewed from June 21-28, and will be up for auction on July 1. For this auction, part of the proceeds will help Casa De Memoria bring clean drinking water to refugees who recently fled Marawi city. This is done in partnership with Waves For Water, an international non-profit organization that provides clean water solutions to communities in need.

Casa De Memoria’s main gallery is located at the corner of Jupiter St. and Comet St. in Bel-Air, Makati. For more information, visit CasaDeMemoria.com, or Follow @CasaDeMemoria on Instagram and@TheCasaDeMemoria on Facebook.

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