HK Attitude makes LOL Worlds

Hong Kong Leauge of Legends Team makes “Worlds” for the first time


Hong Kong and League

“Asia’s World City” is not well known to support professional gamers or to host professional gaming teams.  Not compared to Taiwan or Asian gaming giants like Korea and China. (Read: “Is Hong Kong ready for E-sports”)

But that might all be changing now that “Hong Kong Attitudes” qualified for “Worlds“: The League of Legends World Championship”.

The 2017 Championship is currently being hosted in China, with the opening ceremony having taken place on September 23rd.



Let me re-share with you some of the statistics from Last Year’s “Worlds”:

The Prize Money. The Sponsors. The Fans. The Following. The skill level. The competitiveness. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is without a doubt one of, if not THE largest E-sporting events in the world.

So to qualify, is indeed a big deal. For Hong Kong to have a Team in the tournament, may be a landmark moment, when E-Sports starts to become recognised in mainstream culture. That professional gaming is a viable career.


The “LMS” League

The Teams that enter into the competition are professional teams, and so do not represent the country from which they are from. But the way League of Legends structures its tournaments, the various “Leagues” in the World and divided into Regions.

Hong Kong Atittude is part of the “LMS – The Masters Series” and consists of teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Previously, this league had been dominated by Taiwanese Teams, and it must be noted that Taiwan as a whole, are far more open to pro-gaming as a career and more support for their pro-teams.



On May 17th, Hong Kong Esports announced that the team will be re-branding to their new name, Hong Kong Attitude with the hiring of Tabe as the team’s Head Coach.

Along with the name change, can their awesome new logo, which has since become a fan favourite around the world!

The Team

Their new coach, Tabe, was once a respected LOL player in his own right. He famously ran away from home for competitive gaming in 2010.  He was offered admission to HKU but also turned that down for competitive online gaming.

Tabe’s impact on the team has been noticeable. The team remarked how he increased their discipline, demanding from all members more hours of gaming in “solo que”. For the team to work on their “mechanics” (skill level in game) and as a team, work on their strategies.

Tabe   ran away from home for competitive gaming in 2010 .  Was offered admission to HKU but also turned that down for competitive online gaming.

Making History

After finishing 5th in the LMS regular season, Hong Kong Attitude fought their way through the Regional Qualifier, beating both Raise Gaming and J-Team (formerly Taipei Assassins) to become the first ever #3 seed to represent the LMS at Worlds. They were one game away from making Worlds back in 2015, and will now they are finally make their first World Championship debut.

Check out the highlights from their final game that saw them qualify to the World Championship.



Who is your favourite team at Worlds, and who do you think will win?




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