TCFF About

Third Culture Film Festival is a short film festival based in Hong Kong. The 2018 edition will take place at PMQ, Soho, Hong Kong.
27th-29th April, 2018.

Harry Oram and Faiyaz Jafri at the 2016 Third Culture Film Festival at Loft22 ©June Chu

Founders’ Statement

TCFF was founded out of a need. Hong Kong, as amazing a place it is, truly lacks a prolific independent art and film scene. We wanted to fill this void with a film festival that would bring international independent films to Hong Kong and expose Hong Kong to the independent film world.

We wanted to show that quality work does not need to conform.

Faiyaz Jafri, Curator and Co-Founder

We first agreed to do this because we wanted something by film-makers for film-makers; we said no matter what we wanted to create something that we would have a good time at. We wanted to have films that we would want to see, to have film-makers attend that we would love to meet. Faiyaz and I are pretty close on taste, we disagree at times – but when we do it leads to wonderful discussions and arguments. I love that he is passionate about his point of view and has his opinion on art, as I have mine. It’s what we wanted to have at the core of the festival, the networking, the celebration of the art form, each other’s work, and each other.

Harry Oram, Co-Founder

Faiyaz Jafri is an artist and film maker, born and raised in rural Holland of Dutch and Pakistani descent. After residing several years in Amsterdam and over 15 years in New York he moved to Hong Kong in 2013.

Harry Oram was born and raised in Hong Kong. He is extremely proud to be from
this city. He is an actor and filmmaker trained in the UK and US, at the reputable
Lee Strasberg Institute.

For more information about Third Culture Film Festival 2018, check out their website here.