From Doggy Love To Who’s The Daddy

Both the Award for Best Animation and the Spirit of Hong Kong Award at last year’s Third Culture Film Festival went to Doggy Love. by Wong Ping. This year, he returns with Who’s The Daddy. The short animation is another solo production by Wong, and it has his signature all over it.

WP: “Craziness and sexual imagery is the language of my filmmaking, but I also like to share a message. I started work on Who’s The Daddy when I re-listened to one of the Cantonese children songs that my mom used to play for me when I was little. Just like with any pop song, we tend to sing along without really paying attention to the lyrics. So when I heard it this time, I noticed the lyrics, and realised they’re actually horrible.

The first half of the song is mainly about a father answering his little son’s questions; but then the boy asks him what would happen if he didn’t love his daddy. Suddenly the song turns into a horror story, with the father saying the world would end, scaring the son. I thought about how this song would not work in modern times, probably not very politically correct. That inspired me to make this film.”

People might wonder how much of this story is autobiographical… Have you really had such an awful Tinder experience?

WP: “I would say it’s about 65% autobiographical. My Tinder experience is actually quite good so far – 45% matched!”

What else have you been working on this year?

WP: “Not much – haha! I did a short with the MTV channel, and I just finished my second solo exhibition last month here in Hong Kong. It went really well, but it’s so exhausting!”

Anything in particular you’re looking forward to at TCFF 2017?

WP: “Pretty much all the animation short films. I was able to meet the people behind some of my favourite films at last year’s festival. I’m hoping for more of that this year!





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