Third Culture Film Festival Is Almost Here!

Third Culture Film Festival is almost upon us! We’re super excited to see the 103 short films our Creative Director Faiyaz Jafri has selected. Just like last year, the films will be divided into themed blocks, and tickets are available per block (or, you know, you could get a ticket for the whole amazing weekend). The festival will take place in Loft 22, Hong Kong; 20-22 April 2017!

As it’s Women’s History Month, we’re extra pleased to announce that 50% of selected films were directed by women! And what’s more, we’re showing 14 productions from our very own Hong Kong! More facts? Youngest filmmaker this year is 16 y/o Tiffany Ng, who shot an intimate portrait of her grandmother.

Shout out to the veterans of TCFF 2016! Max Hattler, winner of the Best Abstract Award, is returning with his own work, and was also selected to screen his collaboration with the CityU students of Team Five. Nomattsland is screening the world premier of his film May You Never Die. Last year, Nomattsland and Guy Davies won People’s Choice Award AND Outliers Award for their dystopian work Sick To My Bones. May You Never Die is pitched as the prequel, so we’re shivering with antici… pation!

Who's The Daddy - by Wong Ping
Who’s The Daddy – by Wong Ping

Also returning is award winner Wong Ping. Words fail to describe how insane – but sweet – his Doggy Love really was; “This year,” Faiyaz Jafri tells us, “he’s taking it even further.” Other old friends are Fons Schiedon, Greg Doble, Ernesto Row, Jeroen Cluckers, and Paul Johnson.

So what else do we look forward to? Faiyaz: “We’re screening two very intriguing documentaries. The Swiss film Moriom tackles the crisis of sexual abuse in India through the eyes of a victim who lost her mind. Death Barrel is a bizarre piece on an old lady who seems to enjoy killing vermin around the house. The film is really well edited, and an eerie soundtrack gives this story a creepy twist.”

Moriom - by Mark Olexa
Moriom – by Mark Olexa

Then there’s the innovative music video by Dutch ‘powerhouse’ Lernert & Sander. “They made this 3-in-1 video for Dutch band De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig. It’s a single video, that works under three different soundtracks,” says Faiyaz. It’s not just a cheap way to make three music videos; Lernert & Sander made a film that surprises and intrigues every time. Definitely on our list!

Also on our list is a film by renowned stop motion animator Robert Morgan. His work is one of the films made for the BBC’s ABC of Death. D is for Deloused is as gruesome as it sounds; a stop motion gorefest.

Plenty to look forward to I’d say. TCFF2017 is going to be one interesting weekend. Conventional and unconventional love stories in the block Love and Confusion; odes to the city in Urban Jungle; new talent in The Young And The Restless,…

Haircut - by Virginia Mori
Haircut – by Virginia Mori

Join us at Loft 22, California Tower, LKF, Hong Kong

20-22 April 2017!




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