Nomattsland Returns To Third Culture Film Festival

With the second Third Culture Film Festival fast approaching, we reached out to last year’s winner of the People’s Choice Award and Outliers Award: Nomattsland. He will be back this year with the prequel to last year’s Sick To My Bones. The new film, called May You Never Die, was partly shot in Hong Kong and describes the events leading up to the dystopian future of Sick To My Bones. We’ll let Matt tell you the rest:

It’s been a year since we saw you at TCFF. What have you been working on since?

Oh my goodness. It’s been a crazy year. I worked for a few months on my second film, the follow up to Sick to my Bones. Building the puppet, redrafting the script, getting the amazing crew together and shooting over the summer in Hong Kong!

Other than that I’ve been directing music videos, illustrating album covers for several musicians, going on tour in the UK with a play about the Chinese labour corps during WW1, and exploring the realm of animation for the first time in years!

How does your new film, May You Never Die, fit within the Nomattsland universe?

Haha. Nomattsland universe! Love it. Well if Sick to my Bones took place millions of years in the future, then May You Never Die takes place in “present day”. This film is the catalyst, kickstarting the events that lead to Sick to my Bones. However they only really link up if you’re me. To the general audience they are very separate films and you don’t need to see one to understand the other.

The first film dealt with the concepts of good and evil, enemy and friend. This one deals with the internal battle of belief. What is true versus what you put your faith in.

Were there any challenges particular to this film? How did your experience making this compare to your previous production?

This one was a real challenge. Which I love. Why would I do something easier than my previous project? I wouldn’t be learning. For this film we shot internationally. The main core of the team flew out from London. So there were language barriers, cultural differences, and differences in the general approach to filmmaking. There are some things that I loved about filming in Hong Kong compared to the UK; there are some things I didn’t love. With the first film we were shooting out in the middle of nowhere, with a relatively small crew. With this one the crew got much bigger and we were shooting in the heart of Causeway Bay. Insane! But all in all, I’d say MYND was a much more fun experience.

And our crew were top notch!! We couldn’t have asked for a better team in Hong Kong to take on some really difficult challenges. Shooting from 6pm to 6am every night, powering everything with 5 generators, and sometimes battling crazy tropical storms!

Hats off to Guy Davies to being such an amazing director. The dude is so rad it’s insane. Especially since he had to deal with my crazy script and crazy acting… Poor Guy.

Are you excited for a specific film screening at TCFF? Do you know some of the creators? What are your expectations?

I’ve been so busy with post production that I haven’t even looked at the festival line up for this year! I’m actually on my way to the sound studio right now to lay down some ADR tracks for the film!

May You Never Die will be screened in the segment Fairytales & Dystopia

Saturday March 22 | 20:30-22:30



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