The New Politics At Third Culture Film Festival

He’s well known in the local film scene, and about to break through internationally. Joshua Wong (not the political firebrand) is screening his short film The New Politics at Third Culture Film Festival, coming up this week! He will be joining us this weekend, taking time off from the pre-production of his next project Dark Room. For Dark Room, Joshua is teaming up with Andrew Hevia, producer of the Oscar-winning Moonlight!

JW: When Andrew was in Hong Kong last year, we met at a small Star Wars screening marathon I set up. The Force brought us together!
Dark Room will be my first feature film. It’s the story of an overseas-born Asian (a Third Culture Kid) who comes to Hong Kong riding her professional Instagrammer ticket. Everything changes when she inadvertently Instagrams a crime in progress and becomes obsessed with solving the mystery behind it.

You both emphasized Hong Kong will feature heavily in Dark Room. You grew up as a TCK in Australia, is Hong Kong your home now?
JW: Hong Kong is definitely home to me. It’s one of the few places where my completely mixed cultural identity is not only embraced, but synonymous with the city’s own personality.

At TCFF, you’re showing your previous work, The New Politics. It’s a pretty impressive feat of digital imagery. How much work went into post-production?
JW: It was a real labour of love. Absolutely everything was done at my production house, The Laundromatte, through our own little family of creatives. My background is in editing and VFX so I did a lot of it myself. Like I said, real labour of love.

TCFF aims to help the local film scene grow. What do you think needs to happen for Hong Kong to develop that “film culture” again?
JW: I think two things need to happen: firstly Hong Kong people need to be making quality stuff worth watching and sharing. If it’s good then it will get people talking and inspire others. Secondly, we need to get rid of any unhealthy ego and embrace our creative community, encouraging and supporting one another to get better and better.

Come support the local film scene this weekend
at Third Culture Film Festival!

April 20-23
Loft 22 | LKF | HK




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