HK Supermodel Angie Ng at TCFF2017

Anige Indie

TC Catch up with HK Supermodel Angie Ng about the upcoming TCFF

by Ty Mattheson


Angie Close Up

Angie Ng is one of Hong Kong’s most popular super models.  Not only is she incredibly hard working and at the top of her game, but she also an advocate for healthy living; especially for young aspiring models, encouraging them to stay away from unhealthy crash diets and following clean living and exercise.

In order to further her impact on HK’s society, she has recently Angie has also become an indoor cycling instructor and HK’s premier indoor-cycling studio, XYZ; she has also become a spokesperson for the Third Culture Film Festival, encouraging aspiring artists to be bold, take chances and follow their dreams.

TC caught up with Angie to talk about the upcoming Film Festival, which begins on April 20th.


Anige Indie
 What makes a good film?

Angie:  “A good film makes you FEEL something and that feeling lingers and embeds something into your life”
Do you have to have studied in order to recognize or appreciate art?

Angie:  “No.  To me Art, like film. should be something that makes you feel, whether it is good or bad.  You don’t need to study in order to have something affect you – that applies to everyone.
Studying allows you to better understand the process and the reasoning behind the art; but you don’t have to understand the work, its process and methods in its entirety, in order to feel moved and to appreciate it.  I like that you might feel something, in that moment, and then 10 years later, looking at the same piece of art, you might feel something completely different – because you, yourself, have developed and changed”.


What do you think about the short-film format; Do you think it is relevant or appreciated today?

Angie:  It’s not appreciated enough.
A short film, in some respects, might be harder than making a feature!
You have the challenge of telling a story, building characters, evoking feelings, overcoming obstacles – all in a  shorter amount of time!

Do you have any advice to anyone, especially young filmmakers, who wish to start in the Creative Arts, whether it be as an animator, writer, director, actor, musician, designer or any field?

Angie:  “I think:  It’s important to hold on to your passion.  Just like with modelling.  You have to understand the industry you work in.  Maneuver around.  Learn.  Adapt.   – But keep your passion.
Grow.  Develop.  Be Flexible.  But never ever lose what you love – that’s what creates magic.”

Is there any personal story or message you would wish to share with our TCFF 2017 audience?

Angie:  “One advice:  always listen to people’s stories.
Listening to people’s stories – appreciating different walks of life – it changes who we are as a person, as a model, as a human being.
We get so much from each other, from the person sitting right beside you.  If you just open yourself to listen and learn.
That is why I’m so excited about this festival.  It is a coming together of teams of people from all over the world, all sharing their story.”


The festival will run from April 20th-23rd.  It will be held at Loft22, California Tower, Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong.

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