#2 Emily Mawhinney

9 October 2019, Emily Mawhinney

#2 Emily Mawhinney – The Male Gaze

Emily Mawhinney shares the topic of her dissertation: “The Male Gaze”.

How we are born with an identity, but our identity is also shaped by society. Does society have a responsibility in the shaping of this identity?

The role of Art and the impact it has on shaping society and identity

What role does Art have on impacting society and shaping identity? Discussing Art in Music Videos to Film; Who’s responsibility is it to make sure conscientious art is made? This might then lead to censorship which would then impact on our freedoms of speech and expression.

Money of course has a large impact on the Art that is made – how do we overcome this if we want to create something more than will allow to help shape society into a more conscientious one.



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