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As an organisation, we set out to encourage cross-cultural collaboration, and provide a platform for the “culturally ambiguous“.

The name Third Culture was first used to describe people who grew up outside of their parents’ culture. Sociologists have found that these children do not hold on to their parents’ culture, nor do they fully adapt into their new environment. They seem to be stuck somewhere inbetween; building up their own set of values and communicating freely with children from a completely different background.

Here at Third Culture, we believe in the values of international cooperation and an open mind; whether or not you are a third culture kidif you share these ideals, this platform is for you!


What we do

Third Culture is an online publication that is quickly becoming an authority on certain cultural issues and champions various causes.

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Becoming an authority and championing certain causes:

TC intends to champion Diversity, Representation and community.  It intends to lead the conversation on subjects like:

– Tradition v Progression

– Cultural Appropriation v Cultural Appreciation

– Tolerance v Integration

Initial Funds:

This initial funds are to set up the initial team and start building the community. Prepare everything needs for the first round of major funding.

Internship programme

This fundraising campaign will allow us to accept four interns based in London:

  • Writer
  • Assistant Editor
  • Assistant Photo Editor
  • Assistant Videographer

All interns will be paid according to UK standards. Third Culture will be accepting internship applications starting in October; follow us on Facebook to stay posted!

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