So you wanna try out “spinning”? – HK Supermodel and Spin-trainer Angie Ng gives you her top 10 tips for your first ride

So you wanna try out “spinning”? – HK Supermodel and Spin-trainer Angie Ng gives you her top 10 tips for your first ride


Angie Ng is one of Hong Kong’s top models.  Born in Malaysia she now calls Hong Kong her home and is determined to make an impact not just on the modelling scene, but also seeks to inspire and transform the lives of those around her.  In 2016 Angie became a spin-instructor at Hong Kong’s top indoor-cycling studio XYZ.  As a model, Angie always sought to balance promoting style and inner beauty.  As an instructor she seeks to encourage healthy lifestyles and to empower people to be the best they can be.


Angie is considered one of Hong Kong’s top models



In 2017, Angie was recognized as one of Hong Kong’s top fitness influencers.



Angie is well known for her unique style, free spirit and open character



She is a strong advocate of being healthy to be beautiful, not to cut corners in order to get a body you’re after.




Angie is now an instructor at XYZ studios.



We caught up with Angie to get her top 10 tips for those who want to try out her class:

1. Commit – just do it.  Submit to the journey.  It’s not just committing to the exercise, but opening up yourself mentally to new things, to change, to having fun.

2. Determination – Stick it out to the end.  It’s never easy learning something new, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and doesn’t mean you won’t improve.  Be determined, see the class out to the end, and come back for another one and you’ll start to see improvement.

3. Be yourself – It’s not about fashion.  It’s not about wearing the trendiest ‘active wear’.  It’s about coming in to develop your inner self, so dress however you want, come be yourself, grunt, sweat – let it all out!

4. Be open – it’s not just an individual workout.  It’s also a group workout : “we ride as one”, all on the same rhythm, all on a similar journey.  Be open to build that connection with me, and the class – that way we can all share in your journey as we all undergo this challenge together.

“Let it go!”



5. Let go – let go of fears.  Many people first come to my class and they think, “Oh, I can’t do that, I don’t have rhythm; I’m not fit enough”.  Let go of all this negativity and allow yourself to embrace new possibilities and a new identity.

6. Belief – If you don’t believe in yourself before, you will after!

7. Challenge yourself – step outside your comfort zone.   It’s a nice combination of pushing yourself, and seeing yourself progress, knowing yourself; but also, being part of a group and embracing the challenge as a group.  As we all ride to the same beat, the class all goes through the same process; and it is a wonderful sense of community as we overcome those challenges together.

8. Be responsive – I ride with you.  I will lead you from the front of the class, and I will do what you do – so we automatically share similar experiences.   I always love to see, hear and feel your energy. If you love it – scream it! It’ll push you, me and the whole class harder

9. Breathe – everything starts from the breath.  It’ll allow you to push harder, let go of fears: Inhale new strength and exhale any doubts.

10. Enjoy yourself – As you submit to the moment and fears subside, you’ll learn to let go and just have fun.  It’s important to do what makes you feel good. It’s your journey, I’m just here to help you achieve what you want. – I’m not here to make you be like me, I’m here to help you have fun and realize your potential!

“I’m not here to make you be like me, I’m here to help you have fun and realize your potential!”



You can find Angie on the XYZ time-table on their website:



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