Easy DIY (Kid-Friendly!) Halloween Decorations

by Meaghan

It’s already that time of year! You know, when we decorate our homes with ugly, terrifying Halloween decorations. I love it! I try not to be too distasteful, but there is just something strangely fun about having creepy things in your apartment that are fun to make and easy enough for the kids to get involved. (These are also great for a teacher to bring into the ESL classroom…)

Although I enjoy being all artsy and stuff as a theatre kid, I also like it quick and easy. I mean, it should be FUN, right!? I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite DIY Homemade Halloween decorations that the adults and kids will love! They are all pretty painless but also very effective for adding something a little spooky to your home. Great for a rainy day activity with the kids or for your upcoming costume party decor–these are all great fun!

Glowing Eyes

Photo: Listonic

Do you have spare toilet paper rolls? Have some glow-sticks left over from a crazy night at LKF? If you do, then you have a perfect night-time decor piece. Cut eyes or spooky patterns into the toilet paper rolls and insert the sticks. Use scissors if you’re working with kids or use an exacto blade. These are very fun and effective.

The Floating Ghost

Photo Credit: Cute DIY

Easy to make with a cheesecloth which can be found on Shanghai St. or at Sham Shui Po. Soak the cloth in cornstarch to thicken it and set him up to dry over night. He’ll then become stiff enough to stand up on his own. Get detailed instructions here! So simple and very effective!

Recyclable Jack-o-Lanterns

Photo Credit: Cute DIY Projects

Everyone loves Jack-o-Lanterns but finding a pumpkin in Hong Kong for carving is next to impossible. Try this option with mason jars–they are super cute and reusable for years to come. Find mason jars for cheap in Shanghai St. or in homestores like IKEA. Fill them with tissue paper and glue a construction paper face on them, then take a battery powered LED candle and place it inside the mason jar. Simple and so cute! Make ghosts, pumpkins and even take this idea and carry it into other holidays! Detailed instructions can be found here!

Curly Pumpkin

Photo Credit: All Free Kids Crafts

Kids will have fun making this curly paper pumpkin craft. Pumpkins can be traditional but not boring with this idea. This papercraft will definitely have your guests’ full attention because it is a fun new decoration idea that they will not be expecting. The great thing about construction paper crafts like this one is that it is super easy and cheap to make. Here’s the detailed instructions.


Have another idea to share with me and the TC readers? I’d love to hear about it! Share it with me in the comment section!



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