8 Hostel Do’s and Dont’s

8 Hostel Do’s and Dont’s

Do you stay at hostels during your travels? It’s a great way to travel; to meet other travelers, get travel insights, and it’s budget-friendly. Since it’s a co-living space, there are certain rules to keep. Some are obvious to the seasoned traveller. But it might not be if you are not used to staying in a hostel. Here are some of important do’s and don’ts at hostels:

1. Do – say hello to your roommates

Save money on your place to sleep and spend money on fantastic adventures instead!

No matter if you’re staying for a few hours or few days, it’s a good idea to be friendly with your roommates. You’re sharing the same space after all. Meeting people is a half of the fun of staying at a hostel! Exchange names, travel stories and tips. Who knows, you may meet life-long friends in a hostel. I did.

2. Don’t – turn on lights in the middle of the night

As much as you have right to use the facilities, your roommates do as well. If you’re leaving early in the morning, let the roommates know your plan so they can prepare sleep mask or ear plug. It’s their job not to be annoyed by the situation. Pack the night before, use a headlamp instead of turning the light on, or minimize the noise as much as you can.

3. Do – be prepared

Anything can happen in a hostel room. It’s better be prepared for noise and light during the night. It’s easy to get a sleep mask and ear plugs; often airlines give them away on a long-haul flight. Headlamp is also a must-have item for hostel stay, or for traveling in general.

4. Don’t – have sex

If you want intimate time with your partner, get a room (literally). Dorm rooms aren’t for your personal pleasures. Locking out other roommates because you’re having fun is not okay.

5. Do – make it tidy

Everyone’s sharing the limited space. Try keeping your stuff near your bed. Hostels usually have a small locker for your valuables. Use the space under the bed or corners of the room. Don’t leave a lot of things in the ‘living room’.

6. Don’t – eat and drink inappropriately

Some hostels don’t allow any food or alcohol consumption in the room. Even if they do, don’t eat or drink anything that could bother other people. Use the common room instead.

7. Do – keep your valuables safe

Safety is one of the most important factors in traveling. But most of the times, things get stolen by fellow travelers more than robbery. Even though we want to trust people we meet, but things happen. Lock your valuables in the locker, or bring it with you.

8. Do – make yourself at home

Staying at hostels is a great way to travel. It’s the best way to meet fellow travelers, and to learn some sense of co-living conditions. It’s a good practice to take care of your belongings, be considerate of other people, and learn other cultures from roommates. It’s important to be considerate and respectful of other people’s space, but also make sure to make yourself home. It might be a strange concept if you aren’t familiar with the hostel culture, but it’s a great way to travel.



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