Depending on where you are the world and what society you are part of, you may experience a wide variety of attitudes and culture towards work, how much you should work and to what degree work defines your life.

On one extreme, some cultures emphasise that work is everything, anything other than work is a distraction. This can be very rewarding when it comes to productivity, but often it is to the detriment of ones mental or physical well being. Other cultures prioritise other aspects life to be as important or more important than work. Things like family, friends, food, music, art, culture. Developing ones physical, mental and emotional sides.

Of course this is enjoyable, but what about being productive? Is there a balance? Are there ways where we can work hard but not let work take over? Are there ways we can enjoy life and capture moments, and yet still pursue ambitious dreams?

Join us as we meet some Third Culture people around the world who strive to find a balance between working hard for their dreams, and yet still taking the time to take care of their physical and mental well being and live in the moment.

ALEXA BUI | Makeup Artist, Mom of 2

by RECKLESSRED-OM, Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats


Tell us about your background and where you’re from.
I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but also spent a few years growing up here in Hong Kong.

Which Hong Kong neighbourhoods do you like to hang out in and Why?
It sounds so cliché but I love Sheung Wan. Over the years, so many good little cafes have popped up and it’s constantly changing. When we were shooting for this post, we kept finding new street art and that’s why we decided to shoot in front of one! I grew up around Causeway Bay so I love that area too, but it’s changed so much over the past few years that I can barely recognise it now.



Go through a typical day in the life of Alexa Bui! We would love to know how you balance being a wife and mom/your career/working out.
My son is up at 7:00 to go to school and I’ll usually get up to kiss him goodbye and wish him a good day. His sister co-sleeps with us most nights so she gets up around the same time too. I then get to go back to bed for another hour or so. I’m up properly around 8:30-9:00 and I usually have a training session with my PT or yoga lesson booked. Afterwards, it’s off to playgroup with my daughter, followed by a quick lunch. Afternoon is either swimming lessons or a visit to the park if the weather is good and sometimes, I bring the kids down to visit daddy! Then it’s back home for dinner, bath and bed and then after 7:30, I can relax and have some ‘me-time’ to get ready for MY dinner with Alan.Obviously, this all goes out the window if I have a job booking! But the evening routine of putting the kids down usually doesn’t change unless the job runs into the evening!


How do you describe your personal style? Where do you like to shop in Hong Kong?
Over the years it has become more casual. On nights out and dinners, I still love dressing up, but day to day, I have to admit I’m usually just in yoga pants and an oversized sweatshirt! When I do dress up, I go for quality over quantity and try to avoid fast fashion. I believe in investing in classic pieces that you can wear over and over again. It’s a bit biased but Melissa Bui (my sister!) makes some gorgeous pieces that are classic with a twist and can be worn as a set or with jeans for a more casual look.

Do you also have a personal style of makeup? How has it evolved and changed over the years?
The amount of makeup I wear and style has varied a lot over the years! BUT, one thing that is always constant is my belief that skin should look like skin. I love makeup but actually despise wearing a mask of it. I stick to lighter foundations and stay away from fake lashes. I get lash extensions from time to time, and go through phases wear I wear eyeliner and phases where I skip them, but I generally like to look like myself, but just a wee bit better!


Where do you yoga? Do you have a few places you like to go? And do you have any beauty tips on what you like to do before or after class?
I have to credit Lindsay Jang for getting me back into yoga. I recently signed up with Pure Yoga again, but my ultimate fave for classes are still Lindsay’s so I’ll go pretty much anywhere she teaches. As for beauty tips, I tend to not wear anything at all if I know I’m going to sweat so that my skin can breathe. I usually have an eyebrow pencil, concealer and eyeliner somewhere in my bag for after class! And I always have a small jar of moisturiser and sunscreen too.

We are so happy to see you with our MORE THAN BLUSH yoga mat. What do you think of it?
I absolutely adore the colour and the texture is perfect for my sweaty hands! I fell in love with them when I attended a class at Kita Yoga and have been following you guys ever since! I also love that there’s no smell but that I can add my own scent with essential oils, if I want!


What is your favourite yoga pose that you like to keep practicing and developing?
My hips get really tight, so King Pigeon is a pose I try to get in. I enjoy inversions but only in small classes. I’m too intimidated to do them in a full class, in case I kick someone in the face!




Where are your favourite healthy spots to eat or grab a juice in the city?
HOME is delicious and easy for ‘slow fast food’, but if I want a proper sit down healthy lunch, Grassroots Pantry is great and they change the menu with the season! Dandy’s Organic Cafe is also fantastic.


ba4502_842cea5bca874cd9ad0b0a1c87256859mv2_d_1476_2214_s_2Tell us about your career and how/why you became a makeup artist?
I’ve always loved fashion and find people’s faces very interesting. If you see an ad and cover up the face, it automatically looks less appealing to the consumer. The power of makeup and how it makes people feel when they wear it, and the fact that you can change it with how your mood; that’s why I love it!


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Photography by:@alexyblog @hxeartwork



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