Extreme Food Culture! – 100Calorie Challenge +

Extreme Food Culture! – 100Calorie Challenge +

Loving food is natural. It not only simply sustains us as human beings, but food plays a large role in many of our lives. It is a big part of many cultures, and is integral to bringing people together.

One’s diet has a huge impact on one’s lifestyle. Whether you’re vegan or still following the Atkins diet, your food choices can shape the way you look to the people you hang out with. But what about those videos that circulate the internet of people who take food to the extreme. Those who challenge themselves by how much they can eat or how fast, or how much spice they can handle.

There are many reasons why YouTubers undergo these challenges, and many make a living by either participating in food challenges or just reviewing food on their channel.

This time, we want to take a look at one of the common food challenges: The 10,000 Calorie Challenge. How hard is it to complete and why would you attempt it?


The 10k Calorie Challenge

Let’s look at the numbers:

Most modern dietary guides recommend 2000 calories per day for the average female and 2500 calories per day for the average male.

That means the average woman has to eat 5x her normal amount.

The average man, 4x his normal amount.

As the challenge can be done by eating any type of food; A challenger would definitely be able to consume more calories if they ate calorie dense food, especially “junk food”.

So what type of person might we expect to be able to handle these challenges?

Our fist two challengers that we are going to look at are two fitness youtubers based in Hong Kong:


GoGreenLean + MaxineChan:

These two ladies both run YouTube channels that advocate health, wellness and fitness. So why would they participate in a challenge like this?

Their message: that 1 cheat meal isn’t going to damage your progress if you live a balanced, healthy, active lifestyle. 10,000calories is way more than just 1 cheat meal, so their message is, if they can do 10,000 calories and still stay on track with their goals, so can you.

With so many diets out there and social pressures to look a certain a way, many people are afraid to indulge in good food. There is a time and place where we shouldn’t have to worry so much about what we are eating; But allow food to be part of our culture and lifestyles and social life without it having to feel restrictive or being on a constant diet.

GoGreenGoLean and MaxineChan give two versions, one of each of their own accounts of the challenge:

GoGreenGoLean’s version:

That’s a lot of food – and you can see them struggle to eat it all within the time period.

Maxine Chan’s version:

If you follow their channels you will see that this challenge had very little impact on their fitness lifestyle.

Follow them at GoGreenGoLean and Maxine Chan here.

Now lets take this challenge to the extreme, to a YouTube channel run by a “professional eater” in the UK: “BeardMeetsFood”


BeardMeetsFood – 100k Calorie Challenge

BeardMeetsFood is a YouTuber from the UK. Known for his beard and his ability to destroy an insane amount of calories.

He has tried various amounts of challenges. The one we wanted to share with you was when he recently pushed himself to his limit, consuming 100k calories in 100 hours (roughly 4 days).

In this “aftermath” video, he explains that as the challenge was over 4 days, he does feel the impact of the food far more than usual:

His back hurts (he guesses stress from his kidneys)

His groin and hips hurt (he thinks from the amount of pressure from the food and waste in his body). His face feels puffy, he feels gassy (as his body is still digesting) and he also feels dehydrated (having consumed so much sodium).

Overall, he gained 21lbs in 4 days. He does joke that he expected worse as he previously gained 18lbs in 15 hours completing a 50k Calories Challenge.



Transient Weight

BeardMeetsFood explains he doesn’t usually worry about weight gain. He calls it “transient” as the weight gain usually leaves quickly as well. It is usually in the form of excess sodium, glycogen and water weight.

But, he suggests, the weight is only transient if one eats an insane amount of calories and then go back to a normal diet.

However if you eat an insane amount over 4 days, you are likely to retain that weight. He estimates over 1/3 of that was stored as fat.


BeardMeetsFood 100,000 Calorie Aftermath:

If you follow BeardMeetsFood and he even shows a picture of himself in the video. He is usually extremely trim and fit.

Balanced Lifestyle is Key

I do not advocate that you go out tonight and shop in the sweet section and prepare to take on a 100k Calorie challenge and think to yourself, “it won’t do any damage as it will just be ‘transient weight gain'”. The point of these videos, the point of this article, is to convey that a healthy lifestyle is beneficial. But do make sure you allow yourself to enjoy your food by yourself or with others every now and then.



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