TC is Crowdfunding

TC is crowdfunding for its RELAUNCH in London

TC is relaunching in London!

What is Third Culture?

TC is an online platform. It will begin as a publication intent on championing Diversity, Representation and Community.  It intends to lead the conversation on subjects like:

– Tradition v Progression

– Cultural Appropriation v Cultural Appreciation

– Tolerance v Integration

Who is Third Culture for?

In places like Hollywood – the importance of diversity is being understood. But have you ever felt that you don’t belong to any particular group. Maybe you aren’t “western” enough or not “asian” enough and so fall in the gaps.

Most mixed race people understand what it is to be “Third Culture”, they often don’t “fit” neatly into one category, and so often their voice is not heard unless they do.

You are not alone!

There are far more people who feel this way – that they don’t fit neatly into a category. Expats may feel they no longer feel at “home” once they’ve returned to the place of their birth. They maybe parents to Third Culture kids and are able to empathise with the challenges their kids face when it comes to fitting in to a particular culture.

Other Publications

There are a large number of publications that champion similar values, but for a specific target group of people. Some very successful publications like Vice, Buzzfeed, boast a global audience and don’t need to target a specific group of people.

But wouldn’t you like a publication that represented you

Wouldn’t you like a publication that represented you in every article – not just 1 in 10 or 1 in 100. Wouldn’t you wish to build a community with like minded individuals around the world that shared the same values. That you were able to relate to.

Have you ever been in that situation where you had to explain “where are you from?” or answer “where is home to you?” and inevitably its followed up with “where are you really from, or where are your parents from?”

Do you remember the relief you get and the sense of camaraderie you feel when you meet someone that may not be the same ethnicity or from the same culture – but they just get it: they get what it is to be Third Culture.

How wonderful would that be if that term then was more recognised. If there was a “home”, a publication that could speak out on your behalf.

Well, this could be it!

How to support:

If this is something you’d like to see grow and wish to support: please click the link below and donate to our cause.

If you know someone that might be Third Culture – please refer the to the site and our facebook page. LIKE the page – every like shows how large the community has grown and will help with the success of the publication.



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