A Road Tripping Honeymoon

My name is Miklos. My wife and I recently completed our honeymoon. Having lived in Hong Kong for seven years, we finally decided to leave this concrete jungle and move to Barcelona, my hometown. But before that, it was time for a big trip through New Zealand.

We borrowed her parents’ car and drove all across the country, from the north-west to the south-east and back up. Along the way we did a seven hour hike along a huge chain of volcano craters. The beauty of this country really can’t be described. But what struck me the most was that I actually felt at home there.

There are a lot of similarities with living in Barcelona. We all love the outdoor life, the fresh air and sunlight, great food,…! I could really see myself living there. And because my wife is half Kiwi, that is definitely a possibility. The only worry for me is my parents. They’re back in Europe, and I hate being so far away from them. I can’t do this move now. But hopefully when they retire, they’d have more time to visit. So for now, we’re going to Barcelona, starting a new life in this great city. We’ll arrive just in time for the ski season.

Traveling is the greatest thing anyone can experience. We love filming our trips and sharing stories with friends, encouraging them to go out there. I’m so grateful that my wife shares the same ideas and values as me, even though we’re from very different cultures. That’s so important for a relationship; especially if you plan to move around so much.

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Edited by Sam Bekemans


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