Racist Incidents Surging After Trump Win

By now we don’t need to tell you that Donald Trump won the presidential elections on Nov 9 (unless the electoral college pulls a stunt).
We’re yet to see how much of his inflaming rhetoric will carry on into his presidency, but already – just like happened in the days after Brexit – there was an surge of racist incidents.

Several women have reportedly had their scarf or hijab pulled off, others receive hateful comments. Some women don’t even dare to wear a hijab in public anymore.

The LGBT community also has reason to fear, as appears from this burning of a Gay Pride flag in New York state.

The Trump win emboldened many to spew their racist thoughts out loud. Students in this middle school for instance.

Even more worrysome is this case in Alabama of an effegy hanged off a balcony, in a sinister reference to racist violence from the early 20th century.

Here are more examples of cruel and alarming behaviour in the follow-up of the election.



CNN and Al Jazeera covered the hate crimes. For an extensive list of examples, visit Buzzfeed.

But we’d like to end on a positive note:

Cover image of NYU prayer room by NYU Muslim Students Association


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