Louis CK may look like the whitest of white guys, but guess where he’s really from!

Louis CK Mexican by David Shankbone
©cc by 2.0 David Shankbone

Louis CK was a little Mexican boy. We kid you not. Let the red-haired comedic legend tell you himself:

Watch the full interview here

CK grew up in Mexico, and didn’t even speak any English till he moved to the States at the age of seven. Mind blown? Listen to Louis trying to explain this in a radio interview. We’re sure fellow Third Culture Kids will recognize the struggle. (Explicit language)

“I’m looking at you, and it makes no sense”

During a Tavis Smiley interview Louis CK got the chance to talk a little more serious about his roots. (Starts at 6:25)

“There’s a lot of white Mexicans. It’s a land of immigrants, like the U.S. But they have more brown people, because they didn’t do as thorough a job of slaughtering their Indians. So the face of the Mexican is more often brown.”

And here’s his account in an interview with Rolling Stone:

“I’m an accidental white person. I grew up in Boston and didn’t get the accent, and one of the reasons is that I started in Spanish. I was a little kid, so all I had to do was completely reject my Spanish and my Mexican past, which is a whole lot easier because I’m white with red hair. I had the help of a whole nation of people just accepting that I’m white.”

Do people get confused when you tell them where you’re from? Share your story with us via social media, or leave a comment below!

Cover image ©cc by 2.0 David Shankbone


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