Swostik Pandey – The importance of Belonging

Swostik Pandey – The importance of Belonging

“Once you’re home, you’re you.”

Swostik Pandey is an 18 year old entrepreneur. Originally from Nepal he has been living in Hong Kong for nearly his whole life. His interest in identity have given him an strong perspective on the importance for human beings to feel they belong somewhere. Swostik has taken his passion for entrepreneurship and his desire to make a change and has founded his company, RealTalk (you can check his linkedin here). It is a news integration platform which he is working on and currently hopes to bring to life shortly.

We caught up with Swostik and got him to share his thoughts on identity, community and the importance of belonging.


Swostik Pandey

“For me home is a daily checkpoint”

For me home is a daily checkpoint. Usually when I am out there is always an agenda. For example, there is school for education, work for money, gym for gains, and chilling with friends for your social life but home has no goals or objectives that makes you uncomfortable. When I am home, I can be myself. because home is really the only place where I can chill in my boxers and lay in bed while watching YouTube videos without having to worry what someone else will say about me. Once you’re home, you’re you.

Whenever people talk about home, they usually talk about the emotions behind being with your loved ones. Or the emotions that come with knowing that everyone within “home” cares about you.  Both these points of view, I agree with one hundred per cent. But my own point of view is: home is my personal comfort zone where I can think for myself and be myself…Oh and sleep.


For any Human Being, the sense of belonging is one of the most important aspects of life. After all, we all want to feel needed. I feel like it is very important to feel like you belong to a certain place or a group of people. For many people it’s normal to have a group of friends who you have fun with and can trust. However, many people go through severe issues due to the fact that, for them, there is no one group that they can call their own, that they feel they belong to.

Serving my community – suicide prevention

“Many who have come close to attempting suicide said that they changed their minds when they felt needed, when they felt they would be missed.”

Over the last month I have been working on a project focused on suicide prevention. While conducting research for this project I met many people. Many of whom had been through issues with depression. Some were even on the verge of suicide. One common occurrence, I encountered while speaking with these people, was that for many, the root of their depression and cause for suicidal thoughts was the fact that they often they were not needed. Conversely, many who have come close to attempting suicide said that they changed their minds when they did feel needed, when they suddenly did feel they would be missed.

Putting that into prospective: feeling like you belong somewhere can make or break a person. We all have very different emotional capabilities and we all react in different ways to certain situations. While facing difficulties, some of us put up a strong front and some of us can’t cope with the pressure and break down. One way or another, our emotions always get the best of us and when this happens there is nothing in the world that can make you feel better than feeling needed and having that sense of belonging.


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