There are several facets to me. But my passion for writing is at the core of everything in my life. As this passes, I feel the need to try and make some changes in the world. And I feel more and more repulsed by egocentric
values and the city mentality. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, but I never felt connected to that place. When I arrived in Bali at 15, I found out what I really did like. I like being close to nature, I like open spaces. At 21, I returned to Hong Kong to try and adapt to the big city life but all I felt was claustrophobic. Now all I want to do is travel, and I have discovered a great love for the ocean.


I am half French and half Chinese and consider myself an island girl. I threw myself into modelling at a young age, but as I get older, I feel more and more disconnected from the artificial. However, I know that I can use this world to make a difference in the things that truly matter. Everyone has a past and I believe that sometimes it takes going through the bad to appreciate wanting to do good. I am now Senior Writer at Third Culture, and I hope to shine a light on the social, political as well as environmental issues facing the world, particularly in Asia. Furthermore, I am the Development Director for a shark nursery (Bali Sharks) in Serangan, Bali. My interest for sharks took me by surprise the first time I went for a swim with them. Ever since then, charity work has engulfed me, filling me with a sense of purpose I haven’t felt before.



I have big plans for this place and I can’t wait to show you all! This is just the beginning.




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