Hello to the Third Culture Community!

First off, I would like to address the claims made in the title of this article. People who know me would agree that I am sweet, sincere and when arguing, most definitely omniscient. However, to keep me humble (and to end this joke), I must confess that I really don’t know the answers to many things. In fact, I think I take after my Grandma who often tells me that she “don’t know nothing”.

Now that’s sorted…

Hi, my name is Rebecca Leung or Bec and I have newly joined the Third Culture team as a Host and Writer

I am the proud daughter of a Hong Kong Chinese man who overcame all the odds and won the heart of an English woman. Yes, I am a half Chinese, half British Third Culture Kid. This is my family…


Unfortunately, the family were all prepping for bed so you can’t see them properly. For reference, Dad is wearing the pink mask.

It’s a hard life growing up as a Halfie…

  • I wasn’t born and immediately allocated a football team to devoutly support
  • Sipping on tea doesn’t solve ANY of my problems
  • I only score highly on Math tests 50% of the time
  • I couldn’t last a day if I had to live off the Lai See I receive on a yearly basis

Of course, it is convenient that I don’t have to shave my legs as often as some girls or that I have two New Years so I have the option to restart my resolutions if they weren’t going to plan the first time.

The privileges of being a Third Culture Kid are undeniable. I have been able to frivolously travel and experience an array of cultures. I can connect, learn, and work with people from all over the world. While I was born in Hong Kong, I have lived in Tokyo, Miami and most recently New York City to pursue my dream of acting. Undoubtedly, living in these opportune cities has helped me further myself and my passions to perform, create and share my story.


I can also make friends with unnatural ease. Other than the fact that I’m an incredible person, I guess that people are drawn to that exotic, oriental vibe? However, while I can quickly build incredible relationships, they are always challenged and often fizzle when I ultimately flee the country. No matter what, that urge to flee will present itself.

When my traveling had to come to an abrupt end, I found myself wondering where to return to. By default, I moved back to Hong Kong at the beginning of 2017 but somehow, I could not recognize it. What I remembered as ‘home’ was certainly not this. How could it be though? Hong Kong is as transient and elusive as I am. Without a sense of familiarity, I couldn’t feel safe, I felt lonely.

And then I came across a platform for the culturally ambiguous – Third Culture.

I came across the opportunity to share my weird and wonderful thoughts and anxieties with others who may be experiencing similar stuff to me. While I can’t fix anything, at least I can be vocal about my DISASTROUS thoughts… and maybe they won’t feel so disastrous once they’ve left the confinements of my mind.

I am very excited to begin this new journey to learn and experience as a writer and person. Soon enough, I’ll have learned so much, I probably will be omniscient.


Bec,The Omniscientist.





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