Kizomba – It’s More Than Just A Dance

Kizomba – It’s More Than Just A Dance

Kizomba comes from the linguistic expression Kimbundu, which means “party”. It is a popular genre of music and dance in Angola, and has taken influence from Semba. Along with a mix of Kelapanda and Angolan Merengue, Kizomba is known to be very sensual, and is to be danced along with a very romantic flow.

Viva Africa

On November 5th 2017, Viva Africa took its first event at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, showcasing African dance, music and circus, to celebrate African arts and culture. The festival was filled with upbeat music, and got the audience dancing along with performances. Workshops, displays, and food also helps to bring locals closer to African culture.

EVELYN WALETZKI who’s in charge of HK Kizomba Addicts explains:

“Kizomba allows people to come together, and this is what we call the ‘Kizomba Connection’.”

This has a big impact on dance style and it also has a deeper meaning to it. I am so happy to be a part of the Kizomba community in Hong Kong (HK Kizomba Addicts), and to be given a chance to bring Africa’s culture to many people from different and mixed cultures!

I am grateful to the group of people who performed with us on stage, we are from all different kinds of backgrounds and are of different ages.

W have different levels of experiences of dance, and this is exactly what we wanted to show. Kizomba is a beautiful dance from Angola, and anybody can dance to it!

“It is able to connect directly to the hearts of everyone, young and old.”

Viva Africa is a beautiful event. It is able to connect directly to the hearts of everyone, young and old. The audience and artists are widely mixed; some are like us (you and me), and are passionate about dance and culture. Artists came all the way here from Africa, and haven’t backed down from their jetlags as their culture’s energy hits the stage.  Everyone was left with a taste of what true African Culture is about. Some are in their mid 20s and 40s, and have you seen those adorable kids?!



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