Cookie Domingo – Young Philosopher

Cookie Domingo – Young Philosopher

“Home is no simple place – home is a feeling that completes me, and for this, I value it the most.”

Cara Francesca B. Domingo, aka as Cookie, is from Paranaque in Philipinnes and shares with us a few of her thoughts on home, community and belonging.

Cookie Domingo

Hi, I’m Cookie Domingo! I’m 20 years old and currently majoring in BS Psychology at the University of Santo Tomas. I reside in Parañaque City, Philippines. The daily commute is long and arduous, but I persevere because seeing my family is always uplifting.

I find purpose in listening to and helping other people through my fondness of Science. Studying college material for my future profession is immensely enjoyable for me, so I guess I’m pretty blessed! 

When I’m not studying, I’m running an online business. My business is in the stationery niche manufactured and shipped from Japan. It operates in the major cities of Luzon and available for shipping services all throughout the Philippines.

Overall, life is great! There are daily struggles but I use them as opportunities to get stronger. 

My favorite quote is to “Withhold not good from them to whom it is due when it is in the power of thine hand do to it” (Proverbs 3:27).


What does “home” mean to you?

To me, “home” is not just a concrete structure; it isn’t just a word that suffices individuals’ everyday conversations. Home is where family is. In my home are the strong and the unique. We’ve had our struggles, yes, but these made us more resilient and strong.

“Home” is where the very foundation of my being was built. This is where my perception of the world was realized, where I learned to respond to various circumstances. Home is no simple place – home is a feeling that completes me, and for this, I value it the most.

What do you think “local” means?

To say “local” is to articulate the very essence of a district, country, or nation. It brings forth a sense of patriotism and passion for a certain place – it’s people, culture, and origin. Within a certain place, one must possess sensitivity towards value and respect, not only for a foreign country’s produce and influence, but also for one’s own nation.

Do you think it’s important to feel like you belong to a certain place or
a group of people?

“To feel you belong in a group is far different from actually belonging to a group.”

I’ve learned from numerous subject courses in college that belonging to a certain group or place is the subtle goal of every individual. Each person yearns for a sense of ‘belonging’. However, to feel you belong in a group is far different from actually belonging to a group. Sometimes people become too preoccupied with themselves that egocentricity swallows their perception of reality. One mediocre and typical favor for a certain person can be seen as an exaggerated act of kindness to another.

To answer the question: yes and no.

Yes, because it’s vital to establish connections and nurture relationships through group communication and collaboration. But it is not the utmost necessity in life.

Belonging to a group may be rewarding and satisfying; it may even enhance one’s efficacy and boost their self-esteem. However, every individual must be accountable for themselves in every situation.

“Belonging to group bears risk to absorbing a label.”

Belonging to group bears risk to absorbing a label. Labels, once accepted by a member of a group, will predetermine how the person is and is to be. You may accept such standards, but you must have a strong sense of self; observe and see if they are fit. This will require a calm and collected mind that responds efficiently in situations brought by over-generalization.

Groups are important, and belonging to one is an exemplary experience; but if it violates your beliefs, your personal space and limitations, degrades your self-concept and self-esteem, hinders your productivity and maturation as a successful individual – then it is simply much better to be alone and strong than remain in a company of toxicity and pessimism.

Your group preferences should logically depend on the situation present.


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