Cara Patrii – Started from ‘Down Under’ now she’s here

Cara Patrii – Started from ‘Down Under’ now she’s here

“Nike said it best – ‘ just do it! ‘ don’t think too much about it. We spend too much time pondering rather than doing!”

Functional Fitness

The culture of fitness has slowly been gaining popularity in Asia.  Seeing fitness as a lifestyle is more common in western cultures and societies.  Among these popular trends is the desire to develop “functional fitness”.  Although sports like Crossfit and Bodybuilding have attracted a large and growing following; there is also a growing trend from gym-goers who are seeking a more aesthetic look, that will also benefit their health, flexibility and day-to-day lives.
This is what the franchise F45 promotes: functional fitness. That it can be attained, not by spending hours in the gym daily, but by quick 45 minute bursts of intense, functional, circuit training.

Not all gyms are created equal

Not every gym is the same however, one of the biggest differences being the trainers and owners of those gyms.  Their attitude towards training and how they treat their clients.  Creating in their gym or studio, their very own ‘culture’.
We meet with a few of the trainers of F45 studio Quarry Bay in Hong Kong to find out more about this rising trend and what makes it so successful.

Cara Patrii:

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Cara Patrii.  I am from Adelaide South Australia. I’m a Personal Trainer specializing in functional training with a bachelor’s degree in human resource management. Healthy food & fitness lover with a holistic approach to life and teachings.
When did you first get into fitness?
I was always involved in sports as a child, and have continued being physically active until today. I began to get more serious about fitness at the age of 16, where I started to learn about nutrition and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, as well as the benefits of resistance training.
When did you start taking fitness seriously or see it as a possible career?

At the age of 16, I began to self educate.
By18 I continued my health journey and realized how passionate I was about it.
At 19, I began to take training more seriously.
Aged 21 I saw a career in fitness but was completing a degree at University.
Then at 22 I finally decided to do my Personal training course and put my knowledge to paper.
Do you have any personal goals in fitness?
Yes, to be the healthiest I can be physically and mentally, and to continually educate myself around everything fitness and nutrition related.
What is the difference between “functional fitness” and other forms of fitness?

Functional fitness meaning every exercise you complete will benefit you and your being in everyday life, to make you stronger, more mobile, flexible and even improve posture. For example, an exercise called ‘farmers walk’ is a functional movement related to carrying those heavy groceries to and from the home.
Is F45 suitable for beginners AND for seasoned athletes?
Absolutely, every exercise can be regressed for beginners and progressed for athletes.
What type of clients do you get at F45?  Do you tend to see more ‘local’ HK’ers or expats?
We tend to get both local and expats.  We also see varying degrees of fitness experience.  Everyone is welcome and the training is adaptable to all experience levels.
What is the fitness scene like in HK?

Compared to Australia, the fitness scene in HK is still developing, but is growing rapidly.
If you could change anything about the fitness scene in HK what would it be?

“Strong not skinny”

I’d love to see more of a change in the way females view on fitness.  In particular:
1. Strong not skinny
2. Typical view about weights. It’s great to do resistance training as a female, you won’t build a large amount of muscle, unless you begin to use quite heavy weights. Resistance training is also fantastic for burning calories.
Any tips for someone first starting out?
Nike said it best – ‘ just do it! ‘ don’t think too much about it. We spend too much time pondering rather than doing!
You can follow Cara on her Instagram:  @carapatri
You can follow F45 Quarry Bay:  @f45_training_quarrybay or go to their website


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