To My Children

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©cc by-nd 2.0 Russel Kwok

This is a guest post by Brad Jacobs.
Canadian artist living in Hong Kong.
Parent of two Third Culture Kids.
Follow him on Twitter here!

To my kids… who are too young to realize how weird and wonderful the world is.

Who are too sweet to realize that people think your mother married me for my money. (When it couldn’t be further from the truth…).

I hope you grow up kind.

I hope you stay funny.

I hope I teach you to be citizens of the world rather than defined by your passport.

I hope you realize that speaking three languages or four at home is awesome, rather than annoying.

I know people will think your mother is your “amah” but please know that she’s the powerful one in the relationship and that she is the one that deemed me worthy to marry her.

You are beautiful. You are special. But know that you will not be allowed to be spoiled.

You will clean your own room.

You will be grounded.

There will be a moment when you say “You hate me.”

I hope that it won’t last long.

We will travel the world together.

My mother was a new immigrant to Canada when she met my Dad. I grew up as a first generation Canadian. Which is very similar to how you will grow up.

You won’t fit in all the time. The food in your lunch will be strange. Your clothes will not be cool. Your traditions at Christmas will not match any of your classmates, but you know what?

That’s ok.

Because our family will be together.

We will be world citizens rather than citizens of Hong Kong.

I hope you will be happy and love the world, as much as I love you.

That’s all a Dad can hope.


Cover image ©cc by-nd 2.0 Russel Kwok


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