Good Ol’ American Values

So what makes you an “American?”

This week on the Great Trump Show, the Donald proposed a new plan to beat ISIS. Calling it “Extreme Vetting,” it should stop anyone with “hostile attitudes towards [the U.S.] or it’s values” from entering the country. You’ll also be stopped at the border if you “support bigotry and hatred.” Yeah.

Watch CNN’s coverage of the speech here:

As the LA Times notes, it’s unclear how this “Extreme Vetting” would be different from the strict immigration policy already in place. It’s also not clear if this vetting would include tourists, or maybe just citizens of certain countries.

And then there’s the bigger issue: What are the American values? What counts as a ‘good American?’

Luckily, The Daily Show volunteered to make a little list of values protected by the American constitution. All that was left was for the ever hilarious Jordan Klepper to put some ‘good Americans’ to the test.

What do you count as “American values”? And how would a vetting process work? Leave a comment below!



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