A New Life In Hong Kong

My name is Lauren, and I’m a personal trainer and motivational speaker. London is my home, but I moved to Hong Kong to start a new life. In London I’d built up a large network from working in nightlife and modelling; everyone knew me. When I came to Hong Kong no one knew me. This gave me the opportunity to start making my own decisions; whether I actually wanted to go out, what I really liked, who I actually wanted to be friends with…

I’m not a local here. The local culture is different from mine, but I enjoy learning about it. What’s so nice about Hong Kong is that I’ve found a lot of people who are very much like me; they love to explore the world, stay healthy, and have deep conversations. My Hong Kong friends are very close to me, which makes me feel this is where I belong.

There’s a great fitness community here. So when I get up early to go for a run they don’t think I’m strange, they get it! I got sober when I was 18, so having friends around me that understand that is really comfortable. I also feel a strong connection to the Jewish community, in which I grew up. Wherever I am in the world, I can always relate to the local Jewish community, and feel comforted by that. Here in Hong Kong, I even got invited by the Rabbi for dinner! That doesn’t happen everyday does it?!


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Edited by Sam Bekemans


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