Nazi Salutes At Alt-Right Meeting

A video has surfaced of a meeting in Washington D.C., showing white nationalists celebrating Trump‘s victory with Nazi salutes.

Video source: The Atlantic

The meeting was organized by the National Policy Institute (NPI), an extremist organisation led by Richard Spencer. Spencer is also the speaker in the video. He is one of the many faces of the Alt-Right movement, and can even be called its founder.

The Alt-Right movement is a cloudy term for a new wave of white nationalism. The name comes from a blog which Richard Spencer launched in 2010, called the Alternative Right. On this blog Spencer explained the movement as bringing together several strands of far-right conservatism. The name has since gone on to become a catch-all term for shady racist groups, neo-nazis, and anonymous hate speakers on social media and forums like 4chan.

Though the rise of Trump gave these people a voice, the Alt-Right is far from an organised movement. It’s hard for these anonymous figures to group together when their philosophy is based on exclusion. Anti-liberal activist Milo Yiannopoulos came close to being a leading figure for the movement, but he’s gay; something which other alt-righters couldn’t accept. Then there’s disagreement on whether or not Jews count as Whites, or if they too should be excluded.

Steve Bannon | ©cc by-sa 2.0 Don Irvine
Steve Bannon | ©cc by-sa 2.0 Don Irvine

There is a danger in the apparent advance of white nationalism though. Thought leaders like Richard Spencer reach a wider audience than ever. And with Steve Bannon, they even have a man in the White House. Donald Trump’s pick for White House chief strategist beliefs in a ‘Judeo-Christian West’ which is under attack by Muslim forces. He is the CEO of Breitbart News, a website considered a mouthpiece for Alt-Right ideology. Though since the controversy of his appointment he has rejected racism and anti-semitism, and called it an extreme faction, which “will all burn away over time,” leading to “more of a mainstream center-right populist movement.”



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