Living Out Of A Suitcase

My name is Abraham Maurice Boyd, I am an actor and writer as well as entrepreneur in Hong Kong.

It was about 16 years ago today, that I attended a friends junk boat birthday party, on Victoria Harbour; There I met a lovely young woman who asked me “where is ‘home’ for you?” I pondered, thinking for a moment, and hesitantly replied: “I honestly don’t know!”

I never really grasped the idea of what home meant for me, because frankly I was never there! I was always living out of a suitcase, which was required for my previous jobs and other obligations. I was constantly traveling to distant cities. I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of going to different countries and having the opportunity to experience the taste of so many cultures.

Being of Eurasian descent (I am Dutch, Scottish, Chinese, Indonesian, and American) has given me so much enlightenment and courage to connect with many diverse cultures and ethnicities! I thank my mum and dad – both Eurasians and well traveled – who taught me to respect and understand all cultures and ethnicities.

The young woman on the junk boat mentioned earlier, who asked me “where is home for you?” – when she heard my reply she politely said: “You really don’t have a home do you darling? It’s okay to be an international resident, and thats what makes you unique!” Today that woman is still my long time dear friend. Surrounded with good friends and family clearly defines what home is all about!


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Edited by Sam Bekemans


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