The Trailer For Disney’s “Moana” Is Here!

Disney Moana Trailer Polynesian Maui Obesity
Screen Caption from Disney Moana

The official trailer for Disney’s latest treasure is here! We already love this kick-ass Polynesian Princess!

The adventurous teen will be voiced by Hawaiian 14 -year-old Auli’i Cravalho, who couldn’t believe her luck when she heard she was cast.

Auli'i Cravalho audition moana
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After announcing they would strive for more diversity in future productions, Disney continues to show kids that strong women can be of any origin. We dare anyone who has seen the delightful The Princess and the Frog to challenge us on that.

However, many Polynesians are disappointed with the way the animation portrays the mythical demigod Maui, Mic reports. The chunky sidekick of Moana, voiced by The Rock (we refuse to call him Dwayne), does not look anything like how local tales describe him.

Obesity is a huge problem among Pacific Islanders. The island states dangle at the far end of the WHO’s database on Body Mass Index. Out of the 15 most obese nations, 10 are Pacific Islands. Many claim this has much to do with cheap western food introduced on the islands in recent years.

We get that Disney’s chubby warrior is hilarious on its own, but with a bit of history in mind they do seem to forget that Maui would’ve looked more like the chap below, were it not for Western interference…

Fijian Warrior in the 19th Century
Fijian Warrior in the 19th Century |©Wikimedia Commons

What do you think, can Disney get some artistic license here, or is it their duty to do away with misconceptions?

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