2017 Fundraising Drive

THIRD CULTURE is fundraising from February 20 to April 15, 2017!


As an organisation, we set out to encourage cross-cultural collaboration, and provide a platform for the “culturally ambiguous“.

The name Third Culture was first used to describe people who grew up outside of their parents’ culture. Sociologists have found that these children do not hold on to their parents’ culture, nor do they fully adapt into their new environment. They seem to be stuck somewhere inbetween; building up their own set of values and communicating freely with children from a completely different background.

Here at Third Culture, we believe in the values of international cooperation and an open mind; whether or not you are a third culture kidif you share these ideals, this platform is for you!


What we do

THIRD CULTURE is active in the entertainment sector, where we support theatre productions and an independent film festival. Our website is a place to share stories, and learn about issues related to tradition and culture. Our 2017 Funding Drive will also help us organise events such as talks about studying abroad, workshops on dealing with prejudice, and meetups to discuss cultural identity.

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2017 Fundraising Drive

This fundraising campaign will make THIRD CULTURE operational for five months. The funding will sustain fundamental staff, enable us to rent an office space, and organise events. Furthermore, a fourth of the funding will go to the Third Culture Film Festival, presenting its second edition in April 2017. The funds will also enable us to set up an intensive internship programme (see below). After five months, we will review our progress, and present our results to a larger fundraising campaign.

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Internship programme

This fundraising campaign will allow us to accept eight summer interns; four in July, and four in August. We will be welcoming interns for the following positions:

  • Writer
  • Assistant Editor
  • Assistant Photo Editor
  • Assistant Videographer

All interns will be paid according to Hong Kong standards. Third Culture will be accepting internship applications starting in May; follow us on Facebook to stay posted!

How to donate

Support our campaign by donating here! Even the smallest contribution will help us further our goals.

To ensure accountability, we will publish our fundraising records at the end of the campaign (April 15, 2017), and you can follow our progress via a ticker on our homepage.


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Reference: TC Fundraising Campaign

If you wish to receive an all-weekend entry pass for THIRD CULTURE FILM FESTIVAL, write your email address in the reference section for any donation over 2,500hkd and we will contact you immediately!


Feel free to ask us any questions via Facebook!